Experience the Art of Healing by Unlocking Your Creativity

Mamie Jay discovered the arts in 2017, during one of the darkest seasons of her life. An art therapist by the name of Ayrica Majekodunmi offered her one session, and that moment changed her life forever. Since that one art therapy session, Mamie Jay has explored the arts deeper and is now self-taught in  several painting techniques. Every piece she has created since 2017 has brought a deeper sense of inner healing self-discovery.
Mamie Jay is a survivor of sexual and physical abuse, abandonment and other emotional and mental traumas. With a broken childhood filled with abuse, rejection, and foster care settings, she has used arts as a creative way to work out the pain of the past. Whether her medium be writing poetry, acrylic painting, making jewelry or sitting and listening to music while journaling, God has met her in the midst of art discovery and another level of healing is always revealed.
Mamie was so inspired by the impact that art therapy has made in her life, that she went back to school to obtain her certificate in Therapeutic Art Life Coaching and is now certified through Udemy University to offer art therapy sessions in her studio.
Mamie services ages 5 and up in the areas of
~Sexual & Physical Abuse
~Past Traumatic Events
~Substance Abuse & Addictions
~Stress, Anxiety & Depression
~Emotional & Social Conflicts
Art therapy sessions are $100 for 90 minutes and will include any/all art supplies needed, a surprise gift bag with selected items to help the client on their healing journey, and a gift card towards a future session.
Schedule your art therapy session today by calling 912-272-0085 or email us at eccentricstudio1@gmail.com 
Mamie's Educational Background & Credentials 
Masters in Christian Education. Wings of Faith Bible College
Masters in Leadership & Management. Webster University
Certified in Therapeutic Art life Coach. Udemy University 
Certificate Number: UC-52fd0ce9-4f39-44bb-a5b4-a1ec7e7744b5 

Is Art Therapy Right for You? Learn More Now!

ANYONE can benefit from these art exercises


Art therapy is in place to help you heal, reduce stress, and experience more joy, peace, harmony, and increase your creativity, intuition, or self-expression. Therapeutic art is a powerful tool that you can use to unlock the power of your subconscious mind, allowing you to:   

  • Release pain   
  • Process emotions   
  • Find clarity and meaning   

Art has been used throughout human history to express the depths of human experience because our minds understand the abstract or symbols at a deeper level than language, and now you can add this ancient tool to your healing journey!  

The psychology behind how and why art is such a powerful tool for improving your wellbeing is often overlooked by traditional and medical therapeutic routes! For centuries, therapeutic art has been proven to:  

  • Improve self-expression   
  • Uncover and release outdated patterns   
  • Heal past emotional pain   
  • Tune into one's intuition   
  • Explore one's deepest dreams and desires   

The therapeutic art will include powerful ancient art designs for meditation and self-exploration, such as mandalas, as well as modern day artistic approaches for goal setting and manifestation, such as vision boards or dream boards, as well as incorporate journaling, guided meditation, and other artistic techniques for stress reduction.   

Art Therapy sessions will assist you in: 

  • Changing your thoughts and beliefs   
  • Using affirmations to increase your confidence   
  • Using visualization to rewire your brain and transform your life