Meet Mamie Jay Atkins

Mamie Jay Atkins live in the Savannah area and is the mother of three beautiful teenage daughters, including 14 year old identical twins. Mamie believes in sharing the love and light of God! He has gifted Mamie's hands and she enjoys creating beautiful handmade art. What once was a hobby, has now been turned into an art gallery & boutique. This unique boutique was opened in January of 2022 so that she can share her gifts and love with anyone that crosses her path.
This boutique is an eccentric mixture of handcrafted gifts from her as well as other local artist and makers!
Mamie Jay is originally from Texas, but has made Savannah her home after leaving the Texas Baptist Children’s home at age 17. Her passion in the arts stims from an art therapy session that encountered in 2017. It not only unlocked a compartment of her creative soul, it awarded her a pathway to inner healing that is indescribable. She is now certified to teach art therapy in the studio, she also leads "Painting of the Soul" classes and  has deep love for acrylic canvas painting, making unique jewelry, and mixing shea butters to aid in the healing of dry skin! 
Her art style is bicultural, mixed media and eccentric. She enjoys painting outside of the box with no limits or labels attached to it. Every piece she creates adds a deeper sense of purpose to her world. Her sincere hope is to convey healing & freedom to the viewer, offering an encounter of inner growth!